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    Embed Power BI in workspaces

    Dynamics 365 for Operations now delivers rich, interactive reports seamlessly integrated into application workspaces. By using graphics and visuals supported by Power BI, workspaces can provide a highly-visual, yet interactive experiences for users.


    Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Operations provide an overview of business processes or business units. With rich workspaces, users can get a bird’s-eye view of the state of business before diving into details and taking action. Workspaces contain visuals, count tiles, and KPIs as well as quick links to reports and pages. Within a workspace, all controls are tightly integrated to provide a highly-productive and engaging work environment to the user.

    Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft Azure service that enables ISVs and app developers to surface Power BI data experiences within their applications. With Power BI Embedded, developers can deliver always-up-to-date views with Direct Query. To learn more about how the Power BI Embedded service integrates with Dynamics 365 for Operations, see Power BI Embedded integration.

    Power BI in workspaces

    Dynamics 365 for Operations now delivers interactive reports that seamlessly integrate into application workspaces. By using rich infographics and visuals supported by Power BI (including the large number of controls provided by third parties), workspaces can provide a highly-visual, yet interactive experience for users. Using infographics in the overview page, users can get a quick glance of the state of the business. They can interact with data by simply clicking or touching visuals on the page. They can see the cause and effect, perform simple what-if operations without leaving the workspace. Thanks to stunning yet interactive visuals, your users will have fun exploring data and discovering hidden trends.

    Power BI in workspaces – HCM Core

    power-bi-in-d365-workspacePower BI vs operational workspaces

    Power BI workspaces complement operational views with analytical insights based on near real-time information. The following offers a visual comparison of a Power BI workspace and an operational workspace.

    Operational workspace – HCM Core


    What’s next?

    Going forward, new cloud deployments will come bundled with the Power BI Embedded service. Additional documentation describing the Developer ALM process will be made available to help partners and ISVs create new solutions that take advantage of the Power BI Embedded service integration options that are available.

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