Not able to see Product Name Microsoft Dynamics AX in Create Project Form on LCS

I am trying create a project on LCS with Product Name = Microsoft Dynamics AX, but I am only able to see Product Name = “Microsoft Dynamics NAV”. Actually I want to create a project first and then download VM for D365 Operations as per the help provided in this article

Could you please help me with that?

Operations mobile workspace X++ APIs

The Operations mobile workspace X++ APIs are used to customize your mobile workspace metadata, supply custom configurations to be consumed by your mobile business logic, and register data event overrides when the mobile app is read or writing data.


These APIs are available to X++ classes that extend SysAppWorkspace.

Workspace attribute (SysAppWorkspaceAttribute)

Attribute parameter Parameter arguments Description AppId str … Read more »

New or updated Task guides (November 2016)

This topic lists the new or updated Task guides that were released to the Microsoft (November 2016 – all languages) APQC Unified Library for Microsoft Dynamics AX. No new Getting Started Library was released.

The (November 2016 — all languages) APQC Unified Library contains the Task guides that are intended to be used for … Read more »

Embed Power BI in workspaces

Dynamics 365 for Operations now delivers rich, interactive reports seamlessly integrated into application workspaces. By using graphics and visuals supported by Power BI, workspaces can provide a highly-visual, yet interactive experiences for users.


Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Operations provide an overview of business processes or business units. With rich workspaces, users … Read more »

Customize the Open in Microsoft Office menu

Most pages include an Open in Microsoft Office menu. This topics provides information about the Open in Office menu, and explains how customize it by adding, removing, and changing options.


The Open in Microsoft Office menu button (Open in Office menu) is a system-defined button that appears on pages. The Open … Read more »

Power BI Embedded integration

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, Power BI content developed by partners and ISVs can be embedded directly into the application. Read this topic to learn more about some of the amazing things possible using Power BI Embedded.


Dynamics 365 for Operations integrates with Microsoft Power BI to enable data mash-up scenarios that require access to external … Read more »