Reconciliation reports for Belgium

This topic describes the standard reports that Dynamics 365 for Operations provides to help you with the INTERVAT tax declaration and reconciliation analysis.

Based on the sales tax entries for selected periods, the Belgian periodic value-added tax (VAT) declaration combines sales tax amounts … Read more »

Credit note on cash discount

This topic provides information that will help legal entities in the Czech Republic create, post, and print credit notes for cash discounts that are given to customers.

Companies in the Czech Republic must issue credit notes for cash discounts that are given to customers. These credit notes … Read more »

INTERVAT tax declaration

This topic provides country/region-specific information about how to set up and create the INTERVAT tax declaration for legal entities in Belgium only.

You can create the INTERVAT tax declaration as an XML file. The INTERVAT declaration that you create can also include … Read more »

Warehouse performance Power BI content

This topic describes what’s included in the Warehouse performance Power BI content. It explains how to access the Power BI reports, and provides information about the data model and entities that are used to build the content.


The Warehouse performance Microsoft Power BI content was created so that warehouse and operations managers can monitor important inbound, outbound, … Read more »

Upgrading to Budget planning from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

There are significant differences in budget planning between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Some features were not upgraded and therefore require reconfiguration. This topic explains what must be reconfigured and also describes new features that should be considered after the upgrade is completed.

Budget planning in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations has many enhancements that weren’t available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This … Read more »

Publish a mobile workspace

This topic describes the steps that system administrators can follow to publish a mobile workspace. You must publish a mobile workspace before users can access it in the Dynamics 365 for Operations mobile app.


Before you publish a mobile workspace, make sure that the following prerequisites are in place.

Prerequisite Role Description Microsoft … Read more »